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I had the pleasure of helping Keven Winder with his branding and website development for this project. Repot Connect is a unique business that Keven has created. I’m not sure my description of it would do him, or his business justice, so I will just use his words:

We all need help to make forward progress.

But progress comes from new ideas, new paradigms, and new perspectives.

Often instead of moving forward we remain stuck because we keep trying to do the same thing that brought us to where we are.

I call that being root bound. It’s when our formative containers (paradigms) stop helping us and start stifling our progress.

I started REPOTconnect because I am passionate about serving people with my unique gifts. My diverse experience and training has converged into a system to help those people who truly want to thrive in life.  I specialize in liberating people, corporate cultures, and I do so through service and inspiration.

Get to know me through my free content, videos, and blog posts. Once you get a sense of what I can offer, then you can take advantage of any of the available tools and I will help you find that little nuance that will catalyze your progress to your goals.

I’ve done it in my own life, friends and family.

I’ve done it in big corporate environments.

I”ve done it in my entrepreneurial endeavors.

I’ve done it in my personal goals.

When you are ready, I can help you too.


Find out more about Keven Winder and Repot Connect on his website at




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