Preferred Financial Services

I grew up in Greenville, SC where Preferred Financial Services is located. In fact, I have a very strong tie to this company specifically. You could say that the owner of this business is like family to me… well, he’s my father.

I can honestly say that he was the easiest of all of my clients to work with because we both have a lot in common. He wasn’t aware that I was developing this website for him originally because I wanted it to be a surprise. My intention was to just design the website free of charge and give it to him, but being the awesome father that he is… he hooked me up with some cash for doing it.

My favorite part about doing this website was that I was able to implement my own style and nostalgia into the design. This was both fun, and as it always is when doing projects with my dad, rewarding. 🙂

You can check out Preferred Financial’s website here.

This is the Latest Design. We added a lot more fluidity, responsiveness and cosmetic appeal.


These are the previous Designs


Below is the Logo I designed for PFS about a year ago

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