Cornerstone Business Cards

These cards, along with the logo were designed for Don Owsley, pastor of Cornerstone, PCA in Fort Collins, CO. I originally met Don through a friend of mine back in 2010. After getting to know him and letting him see some of my work, he asked if I would redesign their church’s logo. In his own words, the last logo was “outdated, even for the 80’s, much less 2010!” 🙂

This is what we came up with. A black card (left) to hand out to younger generations (40 under maybe) and a white card (right) to hand out to more traditional or older folks when he met them. It’s hard to see in the image, but the black card has faux cracks like a rock in spot uv along with the logo and font.

All-in-all, Don was a GREAT client to work for and an even better friend!

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