This is some initial work I am doing for Step2Compliance. I’ve designed two software UI/UX projects that I am not allowed to show under my contract agreements, but I have also redesigned the main Step2Compliance website. Below are a few screenshots, but if you would like to follow what I am doing for them, feel free to visit their website at


I am restricted from sharing my work at Hewlett-Packard, due to security reasons, so I thought I would write a short description of what I did at HP.

Now Heating and Air Conditioning

I designed this website when I was working for Xcite Media Group. Now H&A needed a website that was fully responsive and easy to use…

Connie Morgan’s Website

When I was at Xcite Media, I helped Connie Morgan with a brochure design. She absolutely loved the Brochure and asked if I would impliment some of the same design ideas into her website. This was what we came up with for her. You can view the full website at

Preferred Financial Services

My favorite part about doing this website was that I was able to implement my own style and nostalgia into the design.

SAI – Select Associates International Recruiters

SAI is an international recruiting service for major automotive industries across the world, including North and South America, Japan and Europe.

Dance Club Poster

This is poster I created by manipulating photos and using photoshop to layer and paint.

Old World Nastalgia

This was designed as a take on an alternate earth poster. It’s a re-imagining of an America that was taken over by the USSR during the Cold War. Enjoy!