This is some initial work I am doing for Step2Compliance. I’ve designed two software UI/UX projects that I am not allowed to show under my contract agreements, but I have also redesigned the main Step2Compliance website. Below are a few screenshots, but if you would like to follow what I am doing for them, feel free to visit their website at

Willies Bullies

Will Romero was a colleague of mine at Xcite Media Group and breeds American Bullies. He was having trouble trying to get a logo for his business so, I offered to help. For this logo, I took an image of one of his Champion breed dogs, and painted this from it. I’m still waiting for […]

Repot Connect

I had the pleasure of helping Keven Winder with his branding and website development for this project. Repot Connect is a unique business that Keven has created. I’m not sure my description of it would do him, or his business justice, so I will justĀ use his words: We all need help to make forward progress. […]


I am restricted from sharing my work at Hewlett-Packard, due to security reasons, so I thought I would write a short description of what I did at HP.

Forte Information

Forte Information is a company that works with government, corporate, and health care business partners to create data-driven reports, Web sites, and training resources

Now Heating and Air Conditioning

I designed this website when I was working for Xcite Media Group. Now H&A needed a website that was fully responsive and easy to use…

Connie Morgan’s Website

When I was at Xcite Media, I helped Connie Morgan with a brochure design. She absolutely loved the Brochure and asked if I would impliment some of the same design ideas into her website. This was what we came up with for her. You can view the full website atĀ

Connie Morgan

This was a one page brochure I did for a speaker named Connie Morgan when I was at Xcite Media Group in Denver, CO. Xcite was managing a lot of Connie’s marketing already. We managed her website and SEO as well as her print marketing like this. The employee that had come up with the original design no longer worked there so when it came time for us to redo the brochure, they asked me to jump in and help with the changes that Connie had asked for.

Preferred Financial Services

My favorite part about doing this website was that I was able to implement my own style and nostalgia into the design.

C.K. Hardwood Floors

I met Ben Keith, owner of C.K. Hardwood Floors about two years ago. He originally asked for a logo so we started with that.