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“Mark is constantly trying to improve our website and app with emphasis on great user experience, and ease of use. He doesn’t accept 2nd best and demonstrated this by taking a legacy 90’s silverlight app and designed & delivered a mobile friendly world of delight. He fights for what he believes in and is willing to learn if there’s a better way!”

– Ryan McAllen Senior Software Architect at step2compliance


We hired Mark to redesign our Script Repository Web application. He delivered exceptional innovation, quality, and creative web front-end interface. He is personable, professional, and clearly an expert in his field. He has a positive and can-do attitude who is willing to take on any job and do so with enthusiasm. He is a team player who invests himself in the job and to ensure others are successful.

– Dean Tondreau Technical Consultant Level IV at Hewlett-Packard


“It has been a joy working with Mark, he’s full of energy and endurance. He is teachable and driven to excellence. He’s a great team player and is a no-nonsense guy. I hope to work with him again in the future!”

~ Ryan McAllen Web Application Developer at Hewlett-Packard


“Mark knows his labor and craft well and he demonstrated it, not only through his build quality, but also through his inventive design and attention to beauty and goodness. I truly was pleased with the results and still enjoy and see his craftsmanship. It’s truly remarkable.”

~ Joey Thames Student Services Coordinator at Clemson University


“I have known Mark for many years. He is a loyal, inspired, faithful, hard working, and energetic person. He has done many projects for our church and with Mark you always get what you expect, maybe more. He is smarter and more creative than he looks. Really!”

~ David Rountree Senior Pastor of New Covenant Church (PCA)


“I have seen Marks work through various shirts and flyers used at his previous employment. He has a unique vision and ability to personalize logos and designs to fit the specific vision of the client he is working with. He is extremely talented and I would highly recommend him for any graphic design, logo, photography, or any other needs of your company, church, group, etc.”

~ Jynne Stowe Athletic Trainer at Westside High School