About Mark Wells

meandsamArt is my world. It is where I go to escape and find purpose or reason to my life. It’s where I go to express my thoughts and think out loud, or on a screen! I love that I can give that to others, in order to help their business succeed. I pour all of that passion into every piece of art or design I do. Whether it is for a small campaign or a million dollar corporation, I believe it is imperative to give time to each client and treat each person and the job at hand with the same passion and skill I would want for myself.

I believe in a knowledgable [always learning], honest and open approach to web design. When you stop learning is when you become irrelevant. Honesty protects both the business, as well as the client. I also believe that communication is imperative in order to deliver a quality product, and remain efficient in your work.

I have learned over the years that it is very important to choose your clients wisely. Discernment is key to the survival, growth and success of your business. We certainly cannot predict everything that comes our way in life, but bad clients can waste time, take advantage of you, or cause major financial issues if they are dishonest about paying you (or unwilling to pay what you are worth) or poor communicators, up front.

I do not take just any project that comes my way. I try to get to know each person first, make sure up front, that we are a good fit for each other. I try to make sure that we have the same goals and that our expectations line up. The more trust and communication that is built up front, the better the results will be for both of us.

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Phone: 864-376-7192
email: fluiddesignsdenver@gmail.com


Mark Wells