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It is clear that mobile web and app design is the future of development. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t have some type of mobile device, be it an ipad, iphone, Android, or any other mobile device. It is important that your business is prepared to serve your future client’s needs, by creating a more adaptable website for them to view your product on any device.


Branding requires more than just design skills. It requires the designer to really get to know the person, business and vision they are designing for. It is easily, one of the most important designs you can do for a company because it is a gateway into their business. It is what people see first and recognize later. This is definitely one of my favorite things to do as a designer.

WordPress Design

I am a HUGE fan of WordPress for many reasons but mainly because WordPress makes editing, adding new content, security, search engine optimization and functionality a breeze for all of my clients!…read more

About Me

meandsam2Art is my world. It is where I go to escape and find purpose or reason to my life. It’s where I go to express my thoughts and think out loud, or on a screen! I love that I can give that to others, in order to help their business succeed. I pour all of that passion into every piece of art or design I do. Whether it is for a small campaign or a million dollar corporation, I believe it is imperative to give time to each client and treat each person and the job at hand with the same passion and skill I would want for myself.

I believe in a knowledgable [always learning], honest and open approach to web design. When you stop learning is when you become irrelevant... Read More

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